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I am Loved!!
An unusual old boy with his sympathetic soulful glass eyes made of wavy silk/cotton plush.  A pretty shade of peanut butter best describes his coloring, his longer fur has flattened against his body. Many of his friends during this period have not survived as well as he has. He measures a slumpy 17” tall.

With trailing FF Button, his ear has fraying and a small repair. Muzzle has wear, nose oversewn with black thread. Original floss claws on his felt pads with quality felt under the worn areas. Repair on his upper arm, side of right paw. His joints move fairly well though arthritic now, needing a little patience and TLC to move them.

Long muzzle, large hump, lanky arms and legs with big feet, he loves to lounge as he feels a bit heavy with his non-working growler taking up most of his belly. His excelsior filling has settled in his chest and his head slumps because of this.

Though Steiff used similar plush fabric in the 40s I believe he’s much earlier because of his "lankiness" and original felt pads are not made from linen. Dating him to late 20s-38s would be my best guess. I think he's doing pretty well for his years.

Old Grand-Dad comes wearing his antique silk shirt. He looks very charming as it compliments his “refined” personality.

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  Old Grand-Dad Steiff