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          MAYBELLENE Black cloth doll

Lovely old handmade black cloth doll, softly stuffed with cotton, she is made from black cotton sateen. Nicely embroidered face with simply stated features, notice the tiny red thread that highlights her nostrils and corners of her eyes to give them more depth and feelings. She seems happy no matter what she is doing.

Her body is a simply one with a good amount of cotton batting for stuffing, it is one piece with the head and legs. She is able to sit but only if she wants to, preferring to stand among her friends. Her arms are attached at the shoulders and not much stuffing inside them, one ends shorter than the other, I think it’s been reattached. Her legs have a small repair on the inside of each, maybe where the stuffing went, I don’t know why else?

What I love most of all is her face and hair, it may be astrakhan or black persian lamb with some fading or shading to it. A nice touch for this friendly faced doll. Her dress is a pale lavender possibly linen with neckline trimmed in lace and shirred edge sleeves. It’s neckline has some cotton balls tucked inside, giving her a much needed lift to an absent bosom. Dress is slightly soiled and a bit longer than her legs and that’s Ok. She measures roughly 13” and is possibly c1920 or 30s, I’m no expert.

Price $95