A Charming Early 5 claw American Teddy with shoe button eyes, likely from the Aetna Toy company from around 1906 due to his heart shaped nose stitching and general appearance or perhaps he is early Ideal. From Ken Yenke’s book Treasury II suggests an early Ideal with the little bit of red tongue showing under his mouth floss. Either teddy company is very early and hard to find in this vibrant cinny color. Measuring 19” laying down or standing at 18”, you can see he’s developed a nice slumpiness over time from him being played with.

    All Original Condition except for his nicely recovered pads. His vibrant cinnamon mohair is wonderful though it does have some wear & fur loss, some minor tiny holes in his pads, a thread worn area near his hump and edge of one ear has fraying. His joints move well to pose him. Body stuffing has settled making him saggy and more huggable.

    Such an adorable expressive face to this wonderfully vibrant colored teddy, he shows his playful spirit with his award winning smile and wears a black satin bow.

I'm now in another loving home, thank you  for looking!  see more photos below

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