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    Jelly Bean is in “loved” original condition with much fur loss to his once gorgeous lavender coat.  No button in ear remains. Made from 1927-31 according to the Sortiment.

    His floss nose is missing a few threads and original bulging amber glass eyes common for this period of time, a bit of his pink floss nose and his mouth has been kissed away. His perky wired ears can be bent to help him hear better. His tail has made it over many a fence as he escaped the garden patch. He’s very clean with some discolor to his ear tips. We love his beautiful faded lavender color with cream chest & inner ears. His head is jointed, he stands 4” to the top of his head. His satin ribbon is very old but a newer addition.

     As Springtime approaches, Jelly wonders how his friends fared the winter months deep in their grassy beds beneath the snow. Hoping to find them for early spring romps, maybe a girlfriend too. Browsing thru the old farmer’s crop was a favorite past time.

price $285

Jelly Bean Steiff