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   One of the earliest Ideal Teddy Bears we have owned with twill fabric nose and vibrant dark gold mohair. He feels mostly stuffed with horsehair, excelsior and Love measuring around 12” tall.

    Our Boy has a nice amount of fur and a good slouch to him from his heavy body. His darling face and shoe button eyes a bit askew makes him really adorable with its friendly demeanor. A “5 o’clock shadow” to his muzzle where his mouth used be. In Love Worn condition.

    His left hand pad has been darned long ago, the other one lacks stuffing and is folded over. His feet pads are covered in fabric. Many of his 4 claws remain. He has a naïve repair under his arm near the body joint. His legs and arms move easily and he loves to pose in play.

Easy to Love, Easy to pose, A Wonderful Spirit to brighten this Holiday Season.

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