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       Petey Pup
    Our Early Velveteen Dog looks much like a Pug dog,  in wonderful condition for his years of play. He measures 6" nose to butt with a 1 1/2" tail and 4.5" tall to top of head. Velveteen colors are great, still very vivid, dark brown ears and he is mostly a blonde color with nice airbrushed spots on tip of tail and near his eye. His nose details have worn and his mouth thread is missing. His original glass eyes are slightly askew as the wires that hold them are a little bit bent. Sawdust filled, some slight discolor to paw edges but not bad at all. The impression of his wire armature in his legs can be seen almost looks like a wrinkle in the velveteen. The wires inside are holding up quite well, I’ve seen many of these completely rusted though the cloth. Some wear to the velveteen but hardly noticed. His neck ribbon is not original.

    Great Form, Nice and Sturdy in Lovely Original Condition for his age.

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