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    Our quirky old boy with an unusual look is a bit of a mystery, measures 14 ½” tall with his head held up. Much loved areas, stitched repairs & wear to his dark gold silk plusch coat except what’s left under his overalls.

    His two tone worn glass eyes are very old with brown painted backs, the wires have bent and one eye dangles. His muzzle shows wear, the stuffing inside is collapsing and his head sags a bit. His dark brown floss has worn away on his nose & mouth leaving a bit to the imagination with the outlines left behind. A few claws are left and both hand paws shows old coverings that have worn away.

     Long arms with some seam repairs show settled stuffing at the shoulders. His left arm doesn’t turn anymore and has repair stitches at the edge. All other joints turn including his head.

    His stuffing is likely compact excelsior with some cotton batting inside near repairs. His overalls are sewn on, they aren’t as early as he but very nice and they fit him well, with fading and some playwear dirt to them.

** Something unusual to make note of, he shows some reddish claw threads inside his foot under a worn area. With the way his repair stitching is done down his arms and legs one might guess he could be covering another teddy inside but that is just a guess on my part as I haven’t taken him apart.

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