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     An unusual Steiff teddy in very good condition with a great old bear face, made from wavy silk cotton plush fabric due to the shortage from the war. A pale yellow cream best describes his color. Many of his friends during that period have not survived as well as he has. He measures 11 ½” tall, not a bit slumpy and an added feature of a Working Squeaker in belly.

     With his brown glass eyes and Steiff FF button in block letters, he would date to late 30-mid40s I think though I’m no expert. His nubby plush has wear to it, missing in some areas, fur has flattened against his body and with original patina he has from many years of love. His nose is missing some of his original floss, his mouth still lingers as do many of his claws though they show wear. 

     Original pads are made of linen which look good despite three of them having a worn area showing straw *** Worn area in pads have been newly fixed with early fabric inserts, not recovered, photos coming soon. His leg joints move well, arm joints slightly stiff and excelsior is nice and full. This petite size teddy has lanky arms and legs with big feet, he loves to lounge as he’s a bit wobbly standing, prefers to sit so he can hold things in his lap.

He’s a small package showing the power of love as many of these teddies never have survived, dressed for the Holidays in his handmade cobalt blue lined vest with lace trim.

reduced $625 more photo added 
           ***of newly repaired pads & button

           Percy Steiff