Our Lovable Old Steiff teddy is bald with no trace of fur. He feels very soft and comfy with his original soft stuffing settled down. He is quite posable, could do yoga if he wanted to. Probably was born very early from the blank button era of 1905-1906.

Measures 12” tall with original shoe button eyes, his floss looks great for his age and his mouth thread on one side was broken so it’s now tacked down. A missing area of skin near the eye exposes the straw but our surgical team will be giving him a skin graft very soon to restore his confidence. His claws are complete and his pads are replaced nicely with old fabric.

He comes wearing his wonderful Calico romper of very early faded blue calico which was handmade for him. And of course, his funny old pin.

on layaway.... more pics below

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