​    Old & Decrepit, Very Early & Worn, Our Velvet Cat has lost nearly all her velvet nap. With numerous repairs and the wires protruding thru her front feet, she’s used up several of her 9 lives and seems a bit crippled.

    Original glass bead eyes with single thread thru them & bell on neck, airbrushing stripes and swirls still visible. The red thread appears to be her original floss for nose & mouth set into some repairing & tiny holes. Tail is fairly empty with cotton sticking out of the openings. Sawdust stuffing with slight leakage possibly indicate she once was used as a pincushion. 

    Our primitive old gal measures roughly 5” long nose to butt, about 3” tall at her back I’m not sure the maker, she could be early Steiff. She’s been thru many of her lives so should be handled with care.

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  Worn Velvet Cat