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Life has been Rough for Some of Us

Memories when we could dance and play
 seems lost forever some days.
This old Sugar Plum Fairy hasn’t given up her dreams. 
She is filled with Charm & Personality.

Nearly 9 ½” she’s lost some weight as well as her button.
A bit of wrinkles now, especially to her chest & brow. 
Her nose floss is missing threads, her mouth none at all.
A small hole on side of nose, when she sneezes
 it’s easy to blow.

Her brassy gold fur has loss especially to her belly & head.
Some wouldn’t give another thought, leaving her for dead.
“knock” knees as she sits, arm & legs near empty with much settling of her stuffing, 
Very Old with great patina she could use a short bath or fluffing.

The best early Fairy dress you’d ever see, made of rosy plum brocade, sleeveless and drop waist. With its sequin trim edges and metallic threads give it Holiday flair.
All the sparkles of the season fill the air! 

Reduced $450

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Sugar Plum Fairy