A Lanky Old Gal of numerous years who measures a bit over 16” tall, fairly naked with her summer coat of only tuffs of golden blonde mohair here and there. German born, we suspect maybe Steiff or more likely Strunz. It’s hard to say as she’s had a little bit of work to preserve her.

Original shoe button eyes, her nose and mouth have been redone with nose floss glued down, her 4 claws look original. Long arms reach past her toes or down to her knees when standing, her big feet measure 3 ½” long. She feels mostly stuffed with straw and her torso has had some mends in the seams near her legs. A few small holes on her body have been patched. All pads are redone, feet are covered in felt and her hands have a different fabric covering. Her joints move well enough, her head is a bit stiff turning to her left. Her arms can hold a pose and her leg joints are very loose. Her ears could use some better stitches as they are crudely done. 

Her salmon color dress is really pretty despite the wear. It's a gauzy dotted swiss with cap sleeves, some staining, fading, a few old mends and some areas needing them. It suits her and makes her feel precious.

New price $295, reduced from $350 more pics below

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      Steffi Strunz?