Feather Steiff

Lightweight and very quirky, our dearest early Steiff Padless teddy is sure to become a favorite. A bratty expression with a turned up nose, maybe stargazing is a favorite hobby of hers.

Her scrunchy face with its teeny shoe button eyes, pointy long nose, perfect floss just reaches out to say… Hey, Let’s play!

Without her button in ear, she can be easily dated to the blank button era around 1905 due to her soft stuffing in her head and everywhere else. All joints move well to pose and she is definitely pigeon-toed!

She has mohair loss mostly to her face, some general wear but still has about 70% mohair, maybe more. She remains in very good condition for age and size of 8” which is harder to find.

With abundant charm, this playful summer sprite is ready for new adventures!

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