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    Unusual and sweet is our darling Amanda, never seen another made like her before. In wonderful condition, she has her original brown glass eyes and quite unique original wooden disc jointing of arms and legs with a stationary head. The wooden washers are on the outside of her body instead of inside as most teddies would have. She measures 18 3/4" tall top of head not including her big ears, and sits about 12 1/2" tall. Most likely made in the USA, I believe around 1915-25 similar to the British Bingie teddy and the dressed Teddy Roosevelt teddy who both had a cloth body with mohair head, hands and feet.

    A cream beige color mohair large size head, hands and feet while the rest of her body and limbs are a nude linen cotton fabric. She's stuffed with excelsior and her legs are really straight and long. She has 3 claws, though some have broken apart. Her floss on nose and mouth are original as well as her claws.

    Amanda has a repair on her neck. Originally her head was never jointed, it Does Not Turn to pose and never has. It was sewn together at the neck, made as part of the body. Her linen fabric had a fraying area there because someone thought her head turned. This has been repaired nicely and resewn. She is quite top heavy with her head being larger than her body so she needs to be handled with care, though she's not a fragile girl!

    Exceptionally pretty in her wonderful antique summer dress with its delicate shades of pink, showing off her soft shoulders and unique style of wooden joints. She comes with her vintage pearl necklace & antique petticoat, both of which aren't shown in the photos. With those great big ears of hers she can honestly say… 

      I’m a Great Listener…I’m all Ears!!

 price $295  see more pics below