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    Our tiniest & cutest early 5 claw Ideal teddy from about 1906 in the petite size of around 10". They don’t get any sweeter. 

    His pale golden coat shows wear, some old darns & repair: hand and foot pads with only one full original felt pad left, a darn at top of one arm and his belly seam is resewn. The art of darning is very effective and a touching way of keeping teddy intact and safely playful within the family.

    His endearing face with its shoe button eyes shows a 5 o’clock shadow at the muzzle from the loving he’s received. With a good amount of floss left to his nose and mouth which I believe is original, his personality is endearing with his smiling face. His joints work well, except his right leg is sewn onto his body. It still moves well so he can sit, his joint pin had broken.  

    Lit’l Leon is immensely charming though with some wear and repairs, he remains a star and is in clean condition and comes with his original red homemade sweater.

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       Lit'l Leon Ideal