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    This old fossil just oozes personality & charm with his much loved exterior and heart of gold. Still very sweet to those who admire his courage and the hardship he had getting thru life. He was left for dead and now up for adoption.

    Once a beauty with ample cream color fur, his darkened skin has aged with much balding, many naïve repairs, threadbare areas, some small holes, loose threads and just in loved condition everywhere. His body feels re-stuffed with rags or maybe cotton batting many years ago. His joints move well except for his head where his neck is sewn down to his body. He measures nearly 13” tall.

    He hasn’t been cleaned in a hundred years! Left just the way he was found with an early “barn-find” patina, he’s not dry nor does he smell bad. Shoe button eyes, original rusty color floss and most of his claws remain. Some paw pads have been folded closed to keep what little straw he’s managed to retain inside. His left ankle has a shabby repair. His right leg could use some excelsior.

    He enjoys his time in the solitude of darkness though a special teddy he has been, many wouldn’t enjoy his companionship. He is hopeful and has a kind sweet face and wears a lovely early handmade black lace cape.

Reduced to $490...  from$535   more photos below

         Barnabas Steiff