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    Such character & charm to this early petrified rabbit boy with an adorable face. He’s fully jointed with much wear, aged patina, measuring about 11” standing tall to top of head, 13” to tip of ears. He’s from the early 1900’s likely American Aetna or maybe German Strunz.

    Left in “as found” condition and could benefit from a light bath, he's not as white as shown. He's fully jointed with shoe button eyes, ears lined in brown velvet with a slight hint of pink and single thread floss nose & mouth. A small area above his nose exposes bits of cork stuffing. Crudely done sewing on his back where the original stitching had broken down.

     His stuffing is firm, likely excelsior & cork, his creaky joints all move including his head. Brown velvet pads look very good on his hands and feet. He still has his little tail. His sparse fur is dirty & matted in some areas. He’s seen a lot of fun loving hands from his child owner.

    An ancient truly loved toy, in forgotten condition which we adore.

price $235

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