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Cecilia & Cyrus are all original, coming from the same family many years ago. Both are pin-jointed teddys in the wonderful small size of 4 ½”. They can pose well as their joints still move easily even their heads. They have tiny set in mohair ears and even tinier glass eyes. Both are extremely cute, possibly American and have a slight resemblance to soldier bears from the war.

Cecilia is the prettier one in slightly better condition with nearly all of her dark gold mohair. Her antique dress is a cream color, not white at all and suits her. Floss great and looks original to me.

Cyrus is more worn, a dirty beige or cream and possibly could benefit from a light bathe. His ears are slightly tattered, one is missing some of the cloth. He sometimes looks like he’s been up all night with a slight appearance of “dark circles” under his eyes. Could be my imagination, life of a teddy can be a bit tiring! His floss also looks original and he has a sweet happy face. I think his sister may pick on him a little but he loves her anyway. He wears a vintage homemade knitted romper.

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