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    This early primitive doll with hand stitched clothes and treadle sewn, has found a special place in the heart of her children. Measures 12 ½” to bottom of feet, almost 14” to dress length.

    Her face is unusual and full of charm, she has wear but doesn’t detract from her captivating personality. All original “as found” with much patina from play, some repairs, some splits in her dress and worn thru areas.

    Everything about her is right as rain! She is filled likely with cotton batting, she is all hand sewn. Her head seems to be covered in a worn cheesecloth type fabric over its cotton cloth underneath. Much wear to her face but you can almost see her tiny eyes and a broad open mouth almost as if she is singing, made from natural wear to her old worn cloth. Her nose is great, it sticks out beyond her face. Her neck has a string wrapped around her head, she can be hung on the wall as some do to display.

    Her tobacco brown dress is precious despite of its wear, gathered empire waist with the right amount of fading to the front side red color. Its backside is darker showing more of the true original color and closes with those sweet patterned china buttons & handmade button holes which I adore. The sleeves have worn thru areas, her rounded hands peek out a little bit. Under her dress she wears a sleeveless slip in a dirty cream color. Her brown with tan striped socks are sewn at the top thigh, wonderfully worn feet area could use some stitches to keep them in position. Her feet point to the right. She sits well enough resting on the top thighs that form her butt. 

        I have not attempted to remove her clothing as I am certain it would not be an easy task and likely not be able to redress. 

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 Agnus Cloth Doll