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   Heinz Steiff

   He’s had a Good Life with the wrinkles and balduing to prove it, Our Lovable Old Steiff named Heinz.

    Personality plus for this old Geezer with great charm showing thru his worn appearance. He measures a bit over 11” tall. He may have had original glass eyes replaced with shoe buttons, it’s hard to say, but one can tell from the length of his muzzle, the bigger feet and the long arms he’s likely from the late 1920s- early 30s.

    With general balding in most areas, his deep gold mohair looks darker in person than his photos. Many naïve repairs done by the hands of a loving mother, some worn thru areas showing the excelsior, stain on his nose, floss is missing, pads show much wear to 3 of them, and a great old leather patch rests under his chin. Thin area in his fabric near the front of his right arm. Hump looks resewn and possibly stuffing was added.

    Embrace your unique self!! And follow his lead to a happier life as he ages gracefully to 100 years old.

new price $285 from $365  see more photos below