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   Rogan Steiff

   He’s had a Good Life and the wrinkles to prove it, Our Lovable Old Steiff named Rogan.

    Enjoying life to the fullest with much play wear, our pale blonde Steiff Boy is sure to please for those of us in love with the slumpiness an old teddy brings. He's soft & huggable, saggy & baggy as any worn teddy from the period he was born. Likely c.1905, his button would have been a blank one.

   He has a friendly sweet face with a slight crooked nose and smile, shoe button eyes, original floss on his nose, mouth and claws though one hand doesn’t have claws anymore. He has a hand & foot pad with a hole, many balding or thinning areas. He’s been loved a lot but would guess he has saved at least 65% of his longer blonde fur. Measured with assistance he is at least 13” possibly more at birth, hard to say as his stuffing in his body and arms has settled quite a bit.

  An early old boy in very good loved condition.

   on Layaway   ***see more pics below