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    A Sympathetically Sweet Old Teddy measuring 17” tall, Janice is an early Helvetic Jopi bear from Germany with music box bellows inside her belly. The bellows work but not perfectly, it sticks a little bit. 

    Gorgeous & chunky with a shaggy coat of golden blonde mohair, she has some thinning and balding areas to her head, belly and back which was pressed a lot to play her melody. She has a some slight stains but not distracting. She’s missing an ear and was blind when she arrived years ago, now has black glass eyes. She has a slight quirky twist to her muzzle and her original floss looks really great on her nose, mouth and her 4 claws remain untouched. The original pads are felt with a couple of holes in them. All joints move well, though her right arm is slightly stiff. She sits askew because of the weight of her bellows.

    She’s quite Darling, fun to fluff up and in wonderful condition for her age of almost 100 years.

    new price $395   ***see more pics below

      Janice Jopi