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                            Always a Bridesmaid!

    Original as found years ago with average honest wear, a true early folky antique gal. A fragile silk bow wrapped gently around her chest, tied in a bow at the back, is melting, It secures the empty sleeve of a missing arm, her other arm ends with a mitten hand.

    Wonderful expressive face, almost startled or worrisome, likely from pencil. She seems firmly stuffed but I’m no expert. Brown mohair or human hair wig has been on her for many years, a curl is loose and gently pinned to her head. The back of her head has some slight staining under the wig.

    She measures 14 ½” from head to heel and 15 ½” head to dress length. She sits nicely with her hinged legs at base of body and at the knee. Her arm is hinged as well. 

    All her clothing is either pinned on or sewn down. Her dress is cotton voile with a tiny floral print and is very pretty in great condition, a flannel slip, pantaloons, and what appears to be an over slip or chemise that matches the pantaloons. She has only one lacy red stocking with a buttoned red shoe.

 She’s an old fashioned girl looking for a new home.

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      Lucille Early Cloth