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    A wonderful early cloth doll with just the right wear, no guessing if she is old or new! A definitely Loved old Girl full of “mommie” made repairs and early clothing in worn condition but still holding its own. I've given her an early wig of medium brown that seems hand made, its only pinned on and came from Heart's Desire.

    She measures about 21” tall and has great patina to her worn face with its lovely embroidered eyes which I think the centers used to be pale blueish a long time ago. She feels cotton stuffed you can see some peeking out of her foot. Her arms are lanky possibly replacements or need to be attached properly. Her right arm sleeve is torn down to the lining making it look quite tattered and incomplete as part of the brown piece is missing on the front side of it. Her other sleeve looks complete. Any tattered areas I believe can be fixed by putting similar color fabric underneath the worn areas.

    I love her outfit and clothing though tattered and worn it looks to be original to her. Her tobacco brown outfit is a two piece fitted jacket or topcoat with beauty pin and a bustle style gathering in the rear and a long skirt with a ruffle over hem. She has all early under garments which have patina to them: a chemise type bodice with attached slip, pantaloons that have torn at the bottom, a cotton knit bloomer over that and another cotton knit skirt or top, hard to say. One foot seems to be shorter a bit more than the other or simply has lost its makeshift black stocking or possibly repaired and left as is. She seems to be a good sitter don’t know if she is hinged at the upper thigh or not. 

    She is a keeper which has been in my collection for years, I’ve named her “Olive” after one of my Aunts.

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Olive Early Cloth