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What an array of craftsmanship making this sweet & delightful crepe paper candy holder. This is an early one, not newly made, probably from 1930s maybe. Crepe paper has been used since the late 1800s and was made by Dennison of MA. For costumes and home décor throughout history and still used today.

This is really gorgeous, made similar to natures wonderful flowers perhaps it’s designed with a peony or a chrysanthemum in mind. It measures across this darling flower 7 ½” wide, 11 1/2” tall to top of handle if hung, 4 ½” tall to top of basket petals and the round base measures about 3” across.

Made really well and in excellent clean, barely used condition, not tattered and well preserved in my best estimation. I’ve had it for many years tucked away in my china cabinet being forgotten. The base is white with green & silver, has green inside where you’d put candy but hard to photos there’s so many petals. Colors are very vivid, tangerine, coral petals, with some bits of purple, rose, fuchsia & green accents for petal depth, curled and keeping them very lively for display. 

***Due to the nature of some of the crepe paper it is not suggested for use with a bear inside or touching it unless protected maybe set into a plastic baggy first, because some earlier colored papers even colored tissue paper sold today can bleed or run the color onto your other item.

This is very beautiful, not fragile basket but of a floral delicate design would be hard pressed to find another.

on hold   more about crepe paper in link below

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