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    A sweet Georgia peach of a girl with a slight nervous look, measuring 13” tall. Her pencil or watercolor drawn features have faded over time, one can see a faint bluish to her eyes and pale rosebud lips, her hair color seems a strawberry blonde. She feels cotton stuffed and stands fairly tall. I believe she is treadle sewn with some hand stitching to her. Her arms end in thin long hands without fingers. The back of her face and hand tips shows some discolor from play, her body is not hinged but she is somewhat pliable and can be made to sit.

    She wears her original clothing which is sewn onto her. All hand stitched rather gorgeous early dress with a lovely detailed pattern, slightly faded after many years of sun & playwear, a pinky peach with a cream & tan squiggle design, edged with tatted lace are the yoke, neckline and sleeves. Under her dress are fairly simple bloomers, both bloomers and dress have a slight stain, though nearly impossible to see on the dress, the bloomer shows the spot.

    Her legs have long cotton knit stockings, her feet go east to west and what is so impressive to this sweet little miss is her beautiful tiny handmade brown leather shoes which fit her perfectly and have a stitch holding them so they don’t slip off and get lost!

  A pretty doll wearing a great summer outfit ready to join your collection.

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Clementine Early Cloth