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    Lovely Pre-war mechanical Tumbling Somersault or Purzel Steiff Monkey from around 1909-teens, a nice smaller size, measuring 8in. to top of head, in seated position, rarely found and in such nice furry condition. All original in excellent condition with glass eyes and felt hands and feet. He has retained most of his cinnamon brown mohair with barely any noticeable loss. His beard is slightly worn from age as are his felt hands & feet which have a few small holes. He could benefit from a light bubble bath to fluff up his fur. He’s firmly stuffed and we've fondly named him Gunther.

    His joints move well but he no longer tumbles, I think his left arm needs an adjustment. His inner clockwork mechanism is heavy and seems to be in excellent condition, not broken nor clunking around inside, you can hear the gears when you wind the arms & there is tension on them. His arms both move: his right arm goes fully over his head, his left arm does not. 

    Adorable old boy and quite a miracle he’s doing so well with his mohair and felt intact.

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     Gunther Steiff