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       Herbie Hecla
    An early American Hecla teddy bear was made for only 2 years around 1906 in New York City. This company made such exquisite bears in many sizes. A rarer found small size measuring about 8” tall. 

    He's all original with his greyish clear glass eyes & black pupils giving him an alert expressive face, almost seems to look right at you. His white mohair is sparse with fur loss and balding. He has a slight 5 o’clock shadow on his muzzle which we find endearing, a tattered ear edge and a few small marks on him. He has playwear and age old patina, he could use a slight bath & fluff of his mohair. His rust color floss nose and mouth is fairly complete. His joints move well, his head was made stationary as part of his body. 

    A wonderful early guy ready to travel in his vintage handmade suspendered pants, antique striped jacket and handmade boater hat so he’s ready for some warm weather fun.

price $575   see more photos below