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          Lena Leno
    Decrepit and Worn with Love in her soulful shoe button eyes, she seems to call even the most scrutinous to come and play. 

    Left “as found”, this dark skin beauty suggests a Cinnamon color teddy, likely of German or British heritage, possibly Farnell though just a guess. She has a bit of fur here and there but we haven’t tried cleaning her.  

    She seems related to our favorite comedian for she has his unique jawline and comic appeal. Oh, so very worn are her original nose & mouth floss, the muzzle shows a few worn thru threadbare areas. One ear looks a bit different color in my photo but in person it looks like it matches so possibly made from another fabric. Several naïve repairs have held her together for years.

    Saggy & Baggy, her body shows the stuffing has settled in her chest with her head gently hanging down ever so demurely. She measures about 13-13.5” on a good day. Original pads covered a long time ago on her feet, the hand pads have repairs to them mostly keeping the original felt.

    A weary worn ted of Infinite Charm!

I've found a great new home!