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    A Wonderful Early American Cloth Doll, two sided  known as a Topsy Turvy, likely made pre-1900s. She is all original, measures around 8” from top of one head to the top of the other head when laid down, otherwise when displayed singly she would be a bit over 11” tall to bottom of dress in a stand. 

    Each doll head measures about the size of a quarter or less. Dolls have great detailed faces with similar petite features: glass bead eyes edged & highlighted with floss, embroidered eyebrows, pinched in raised noses and a mouth with a toothy grin showing bits of teeth. Their hands have stitching to delineate fingers and thumbs.

    The lighter doll has been played with more and shows a bit of wear. She has golden bead eyes, her hair possibly made of fur or plush, her dress is likely a silk fabric as the skirt, bonnet & sleeves mainly on the front side show the threaded stripes of the design have broken apart creating a fringe type effect to it. Her bonnet matches her dress and her arms are in very good condition hinged so they move well.

    The black doll has much less wear, hidden away for decades, so many years in the shadows of her favorite companion or sister. This side has exquisite features as well with black iridescent bead eyes and her hair almost a wool or heavier threading under her bonnet which also matches her dress. Her arms and body feel in excellent condition for her age and to me she has a more youthful face possibly since she’s had less play. Or perhaps was made in the image of a much younger woman or girl.

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     Early Topsy-Turvy