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    A wonderful friendly face to our antique Man in the Moon, a cloth folky boy doll, circa 1900s. Simply made, he has a double sided, flat hand drawn face, looks like pencil was probably used. One side has faded more than the other and one side is more primitive naïve than the other perhaps of an older man. We adore the man in the moon side as it is really done well showing depth & a twinkle in his eyes, almost quite boyish.

    He is soft but firmly stuffed and has an age related patina of normal wear for his age, with soiling & spotting as shown to his face and limbs. There is a small tear under one arm. He cannot sit but only slightly as he’s not jointed. He measures 11”. He wears the outfit he was found in, not sure if it is as early as he is, nor if it’s his original outfit, I think he was made early 1910-20s when cottage doll making were using patterns and created many homemade dolls. His outfit is a dark grey cotton tunic over pants, both made quite well & belted in the middle.

price $185

 I have more photos if you need them, but none undressed as his outfit is sewn on.

    Boy in the Moon