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     Greatly Loved, one can see why, as his personality shines thru. Baby Face as we’ve fondly named him is one of few Bing teddys with the specially designed “all in one ear” pattern used during the period of 1908-1910 only by this German company. This style of ears were made as one piece with the head instead of separate ears sewn onto the head. See this in the back of the head photo.

      He has his original large shoe button eyes, floss on nose which has worn down to show the beautiful peach under laying felt, 4 claws to his big feet with their original felt and card lined soles, had been covered up. His hand pads are of old corduroy. measures 15 1/4”.

      Once a gorgeous bright gold mohair  but years of playwear have taken its toll. He’s lost much mohair and sags in areas where excelsior has settled: neck, hump and top of left arm. His non-working growler has broken, taking up much of his chest area.  

      Love worn wear and repairs, muzzle is worn, a few small repairs to his body, one with a bit of old mohair inserted into a ripped inner left leg, matching quite well and hardly noticed. His joints all work well but care should still be taken to turn them.

       We love his nakedness and made a collar for him to help hold his head up and show his sweet looking face.

  reduced $350   see more pics below

     Baby Face Bing