An early Jester Clown Doll, all original with a molded lightweight paper mache head which has great detailing to face, likely from 1920s maybe earlier. Ours measures 19” to the tip of hat, 14” to top of head.

    Lightweight one piece straw stuffed body, with jointed arms. Vivid colors of a deep mustard gold & cadet blue felt, with some soiling/spotting mostly on the front side. Body has some small holes to the felt, with a larger one in the crotch. A small piece of calico fabric is loosely stuffed inside. Missing some pompoms on body and hat, the pom remaining is a bit grubby. Hat is scrunchy being straw stuffed and loose in the front on head.

    A great early Jester Clown with a homemade vintage ribbon ruff. He’s been in my collection for a long time.

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Jester Clown Doll