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    All Original is our boy Sunny, an alluring sweet face to this lovely furry boy with plentiful golden blonde mohair. Proud of his German heritage, Sunny is a very nice Strunz, an early one with his 5 claws and softly stuffed with much kapok, accounting for his light weight. He’s a wonderful hard to find size of 12” tall to top of head. The Strunz company was only in business a short time.

     His nose and mouth are original and looks great. He wasn’t one of the lucky ones that received a gutta percha nose but just the same with his exquisite defined features! Some slight areas of mohair loss where he was picked up on his side, around his eyes and under his early velvet ribbon which chaffed the fur around his neck and a few small areas hardly noticed because he has really thick fur. I’d estimate his fur remaining around 80-85%. He has his original patina and could benefit from a light bubble bath and fluff. His pads are original and very clean, one has a small hole on his hand where it meets the mohair and another with a tiny “flea bite” size hole. He is missing one of his claw threads. All joints move well and he is a chubby little bugger begging for hugs!

    This Cutie Pie just begs for a kiss and a place of importance in your collection. 

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    Sunny Strunz