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    Early 5 claw jointed rabbit in the smallest size we’ve seen, measuring 10” to top of head not including his ears & sits at 7” tall. Likely made by Strunz of Germany around turn of century or earliest American made, it's hard to say.

      A featherweight mostly filled with kapok & excelsior, Our Baby Jack is All Original with pale golden blonde mohair which he retained quite well thru the years with a little bit of mohair loss here and there, more so to his feet. Pinky tan original floss for nose, mouth and all claws. His ears are velvet lined, he has a few whiskers each side of muzzle. His deep set eyes are barely noticed in many of my photos, shoe button eyes over red felt circles to make them stand out. His felt pads are in wonderful condition. His joints work well and he has a tiny tail. Original patina, some shelf dust remain, a light bubble could fluff him out more but he is a chubby little bugger begging for hugs!

       A beautiful, simply wonderful! early boy with a stunning profile and much character.

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Baby Jack Rabbit