A Most Unusual Guy, likely German Cramer or Bing not recorded with early green glass eyes. Though they are green, not yellow nor brown, the glass eyes are similar to that of the early Steiff cats made with the flat bottom edges and seem original to this animal, the Halloween cats had green eyes as did the early goats.

    Possibly a spotted seated terrier similar to a Scotty dog as he has a tail. Unusual patterned mohair coat in a rusty brown mottled with beige appears to be a seated version of “Troll” the hunting dog made in the 20s-30s by Steiff, in my best estimation. There is a V pattern in front head construction similar to German Craemer animals, they did use a good deal of mottled mohair fabrics as did Bing.

    Jointed head only, brown floss nose & mouth are exceptional as are his front claws with very minimal mohair loss. Stands almost 5 ½” tall to top of head not including ears and about 6” long, nose to tail end. Sweet inquisitive expression to him, whether a rarely found Troll hunting dog from Steiff, a spotted terrier or seated lioness from Cramer, this little darling is looking for his best home.

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