The Pick of Our Litter and such a Handsome Early Mohair Kitty, Paleo is possibly German from the Jopi or Bing family. OH, how his eyes just look right thru you, he is Stunning!

Original brilliant gold glass eyes edged in black, this cat has an unusually beautiful mohair coat of two tone coloring of pale blush (pinkish) tan with a cream/yellow belly. Blush pink is more evident down backside, under tail along the body and elsewhere. His mohair is really lovely with very good coverage for his age.

Excellent condition with stitched mouth and nose which look original to me. His head is not jointed, he never had claws, ears of felt and a very nice tail. His mohair coat is just wonderful certainly for his age of about 1910, he still has about 85% left with a little bit thinning/loss. Mohair has faded from pink blush to a tan in some areas, his belly holds a silent squeaker, pressing from the front middle. 

He’s in wonderful condition and very naturally clean with original patina, measures 7 ½" tall to top of head and about 7" long nose tip to his butt.

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