Pumice Steiff
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    An early grey Burlap Steiff Cat on iron wheels in pretty good shape for a toy of his age with only a hint of where his felt ears once were. He’s without his tail and has a couple of holes that are still tight without leakage. His airbrushed stripes are very good and original yellow glass eyes with flat tops to them.

    Not mohair nor wool plush but a burlap type cloth, similar to the Steiff Tige dog. So, I would think it’s called burlap but for Tige they list it as short pile plush in the reference books. On his darling expressive face is a loose thread of his floss. He is missing his tail but otherwise in very good condition. 

    Wheels roll very well. He measures 7 1/4" to top of head and almost 9" nose to butt, most likely from the period around 1909.

price $335