Freckles Bulldog
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    Our chubby, heavyset old boy has a wonderful comical face, We Love his Freckles!! those great stylized details of airbrushing on his muzzle. Early milk glass googly eyes, we feel he is likely British or French from around early 1930s.

    His velveteen had worn so there is a repair along his neckline, a darned area to upper right flank and an opening on his right back leg. He seems stuffed with excelsior or straw with some kapok.

    He’s unjointed, therefore his head doesn’t turn. His nose floss has disappeared leaving a lighter fabric. He sits best propped up on something under his body as his legs tend to splay easily.

    He has a darling expression on his face, hard to resist such a well-behaved pup. He wears early cigar band ribbon. He’s at the vet right now getting his paw stitched.

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