Jasper Jacks
A charismatic beautiful Boy with those sparkling 2 tone glass eyes and a slight twist to his muzzle, he always seems delighted to see you. His original floss looks near perfect on his nose, mouth and 4 claws. He dates to late 1920s made by Steiff, their clown teddy comes to mind when looking at his endearing face. So perhaps, as I believe, he’s merely lost his original clown hat and ruff along the way. We’re not sure so we had one made for him. He measures up to 13” tall.

He’s feels stuffed with excelsior, nice longer arms with hands very pointy and good size feet. His non-working growler in his belly, though I don’t think I imagined it, a short grunt on a few occasions when turned over sideways, sprucing him up for photos. One can only hope it returns for the duration but that could only be wishful thinking. He’s all original except for his foot pads have been covered over. His hand pads have some tiny spotty blemishes but not detracting to his good looks.

His longer mohair is sandy gold and plentiful. To me his mohair may have had brown tipping, as a smokey color shadow of fur inside some of his joints. His backside faded to very pale blonde more than in the front and underneath which seems more pale apricot gold, so suspect he probably sat in a store display or table in front of a sunny window facing forward so the sun was at his back.  Some thinning  and balding more so on the back of legs and the back of his head. His joints all work well and he has no odors to him. As we have a lot of sun here some photos look more bright gold than in person.

A thoughtful & welcoming face, in spite of everything.

I've found a great new home

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