Norma Jean
A bashful & beautiful lady Steiff who has a lot of pale golden fur and a wonderful face. Lying deep inside her ear is a Blank Button with a fragment of its tag showing. This would make her from about 1905.

She’s quite early, feeling very soft and squishy inside, filled mostly with kapok. Her stuffing has settled in her arm tops and slightly in her belly. She retains over 80% of her fur which may have originally been apricot though her front shows fading, measuring about 13 1/2”. Her floss looks nice on nose and mouth with only a little bit missing, some wear to her muzzle shows slight darkening, a pinhole one side of nose and a tiny red line near her mouth and a tiny fraying in the seam of her ankle. She has original pads on her feet, those on her hands have been covered over with cloth. She has a few spots on her pads which appear slightly reddish. Despite some wear, she’s in extremely nice clean condition for her age.

Her dress is especially sweet. It’s an early cotton one with the red stripes having faded to pink. The sleeves are wonderful bell shaped with a touch of lace around the edge and the neckline as well.

Price $1285 .... more photos below    

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